Flying Bulls Aerobatic team introduced the new XA42 aircraft in 2015 season. The team is under new leadership of Stanislav Cejka, Czech Air Force pilot, with Miroslav Krejci at right wing, Jan Rudzinskyj on the left wing and Jan Tvrdik at slot position. 


Flying Bulls Aerobatic team is a follower of the team found already in 1960, bearing the name ZLIN devils. Re-created in 1993 as SKY BOX team the team hosted following pilots: Jiri Tlusty, Bozej Struz, Laco Tebaticky, Daniel Polonec, Jiri Saller, Jiri Veprek and last but not least, Radka Machova as the only female formation leader worldwide. 


We provide the airshow management for the team since 1993, i.e. in 2018 it's a whole quarter of a century.

Competing for his second season in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, Czech pilot Petr Kopfstein has honed his skills in scores of national and international competitions. Before joining the elite Master Class in 2016, he earned seven race podiums over two seasons in the Challenger Class of the Red Bull Air Race – as well as the crown of 2014 Challenger Cup Champion.


Kopfstein both finished his studies with a master’s degree in economics from the University of Prague and steadily developed his flying skills. He joined the Czech Aerobatic Team in 2007 and became one of the country’s top talents, earning the Czech National Championship in the Unlimited and three other categories, as well as Unlimited podiums at the German and Hungarian championships. 

So far, he has accumulated more than 1,200 hours flying more than 30 different aircraft, including helicopters as well as airplanes, and he also uses wind tunnels to train in the skydiving discipline of freeflying.


When Kopfstein joined the Challenger Class of the Red Bull Air Race in 2014, he took to racing quickly, earning seven podiums across two seasons, including the pinnacle of his championship. In his Master Class debut last year, the Czech pilot proved to be flexible and resilient, constantly adapting in a weather-plagued season to make steady progress that included two top-10 finishes as well as a performance at the season finale in Las Vegas that would have put him in the elite Round of 8 if strong winds hadn’t caused the cancellation of flying sessions. 



Classic warbird manufactured in 1945 with U.S. Air Force and Reno Air race history. The display includes nice smooth aerobatics and the performance fully shows ability of this iconic fighter.

The breathtaking display performed by Czech CAA inspector Mirek Sazavsky lasts about 15 minutes and may be modified as per your wishes.


We offer display of several T6 of different models and paint schemes. Display may include aerobatics and also formation flying (unfortunately no formation aerobatics).


North American T28 Trojan / Nomad. We have two planes of this type available for displays, Trojan and Nomad. Incredible sound of two row radial engine, aerobatic abilities and general monumental appearance of this aircraft are a good reason to have on at your airshow. This aircraft may land on paved runways only.


Beechcraft C45H is a military version of Beechcraft 18 Twinbeech. This N9550Z is in M.A.T.S. unit paint scheme. Shiny skin makes this aircraft really an eye-catcher. Sound of his two P&W engine is also loved by airshow visitors.


Dvoumístný cvičný Beechcraft T34 Mentor, následník Texanu T6 a předchůdce Pilatusu PC7. Možnost akrobacie, kouř. Velmi rychlý a obratný letoun, výkon 300HP, perfektní renovace. Cena vystoupení je předmětem individuální kalkulace. Požádejte si o spočítání nákladů pro Vaši akci!


Zástupce dříčů mezi letadly - bushplanů; hrdina každého pořádného dobrodružného filmu - DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver N1966B. Cena vystoupení je předmětem individuální kalkulace. Požádejte si o spočítání nákladů pro Vaši akci!


Nezaměnitelná silueta O2A z doby války ve Vietnamu. Jeden z mála originálně vybavených strojů na světě nese registrační značku N409TH. Tento konkrétní letoun létal v době studené války u USAF v Německu. Cena vystoupení je předmětem individuální kalkulace. Požádejte si o spočítání nákladů pro Vaši akci!


Aerobatic show of vintage biplane Bucker Jungmann / CAS A131. The display is accompanied by music and smoke effects. Duration of the display is about 10 minutes and is performed either by Jan Rudzinskyj or Miroslav Červenka, long time member of Czech national aerobatic team. Formation display is optional.


We offer you a flying display of the vintage airplanes manufactured in the Czechoslovakia right after the war. Both types are part of heritage of Bucker factory, both were manufactured in 1947 and both became the fundamental training type for post war Czechoslovak flying clubs.


Yellow Bucker 131 Jungmann was manufactured under type designation AERO Z131, in military code C-104. It was originally registered as OK-BII, at 50th exported to Switzerland as HB-USY. After Swiss period the plane was sold to Germany and registered as D-EOCS. The aircraft was owned for many decades by senator Roeder. We bought this plane after his death and later the plane passed ground up restoration in 2013.


Green Bucker 181 was manufacture as ZLIN Z381 (military code C-106). Its first registration was OK-ZFZ, later operated in Germany as D-EHUB, afterwards sold to USA as N94245. We imported the plane back in 2013 and restored to factory specification, including installation of appropriate original engine and propeller.


Both planes are available for an airshow appearance.