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Gain infinite freedom. Gain the freedom that only aviation can bring. Take off over the landscape in the most beautiful planes ever built…

Our company Airtrade focuses on the sale of GA aircraft and related consulting services. But the main goal for us is to mediate the most beautiful moments that aviation can bring.

Have you seen such legends over Europe in recent years as the P51D Mustang, the North American T6 and T28 or the Hawker Sea Fury? These aviation icons are also among the realized imports of historic aircraft, which we have focused on in recent years.

In our offer you will also find aircraft designed for private and corporate purposes, for transport and air taxi, including the turboprop category. We know service and operational history of aircraft offered. We offer aircraft not only from Central Europe, but we also regularly import aircraft from the United States and other countries outside the EASA environment.

You can test any of the aircraft yourself, study its documentation and have an independent opinion prepared by your technician.

You can see the current offer of aircraft here.


AirShow Management

Our mission is to bring people the most impressive thing in the aviation world. Not only the planes themselves, but also emotions, adrenaline and experiences. That is why we have been dedicated to the airshow management of the Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team for more than 25 years, which is the most respected acrobatic group in the world and annually performs dozens of performances throughout Europe.


At the same time, we work closely with pilot Petr Kopfstein, who represented the Czechia in the Red Bull Air Race World Series for four years. As part of the most prestigious aviation competition in the world, we provided him with the support of Team Coordinator. Earlier in the same competition, we worked with Peter Besenyeim, a former world aerobatics champion who was at the birth of the Red Bull Air Race.

Airtrade also represents other aerobatic pilots and owners of historic aircraft, providing them coordination of theor airshow appearance.


Airtrade fleet

Aviation is not just a job for us, it is not just fun. Time spent in the air is our life energy. That is why we still have several aircraft in our fleet - currently the original historical machines Aero Z131 (Bü 131 Jungmann) and Boeing Stearman, which have undergone a thorough ground up restoration.


You can also read about our activities in the aviation magazines Aero hobby and Flying revue, with which we have long-term cooperation.




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